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From the Editor's Desk: New Categories

Ahoy hoy, from your editors. We've been pondering some additions to our neighborhood categories. As you may notice, we're a blog of neighborhoods and such. There are many neighborhoods and cities in the Los Angeles metroplex and we've only scratched the surface.

For instance, does Long Beach deserve its own category, or is it fine being lumped in with the "South Bay/San Pedro" category. And what about the Foothills Communities, i.e Arcadia, Glendora, Monrovia, etc. Do they get their own category or do we lump them in with "San Gabriel Valley"? And then there's that big mess known as "The Valley". Do we leave it lumped together or are there parts to be segregated? We'll be taking your suggestions in our never before used Comment Section at the end of this post. Please let us know what neighborhoods you want to see divided out and focused upon. Thanks a lot.

yr pals,

Curbed LA