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Pasadena Rocks Our World: Still Pursuing NFL

We thought the Coliseum had a new NFL team all locked up. Just a few formalities, signatures and Councilman Bernard Parks to make the announcement and bam: USC on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays. Somebody better tell Pasadena, cuz they're still moving forward with plans to get pro football into the Rose Bowl.

[Pasadena] Councilman Chris Holden took a step forward in his campaign to bring professional football to the Rose Bowl, collecting almost double the number of signatures needed to put an NFL lease on a citywide ballot.

With the help of his wife and his attorney, Holden trucked 13 boxes full of signed petitions to the Pasadena City Clerk's Office on Tuesday just hours before the deadline.

The boxes contained 16,916 signatures, according to Holden. To qualify for the ballot, at least 9,816 of those signatures must be ruled valid.

According to the Star-News, the NFL will be meeting in March, May and October, from which a decision may come forth on where the NFL franchise will be located in the Southland- the Coliseum, the Rose Bowl, or the parking lot at Angel's Stadium. The cutoff date to put the ballot measure on the June schedule is March 10th.
· NFL effort moves toward goal [Pasadena Star-News]