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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Jed Clampett's Bank

The questions from this week may have been the toughest yet. Readers were able to answer two (and thats a shaky two) of the 5 questions asked. We'll rack it up to the short week - we know we're not in our finest form either. Email your questions for next week to us at We'll really try harder next week.

1) Mid-Wilshire: We didn't hear anything on this from our readers. Shocking. We'll put this in our weekend to-do list (along with visiting Mar Vista) and hopefully we'll have an answer soon.

2) Manhattan Beach/ El Segundo: A tipster does more research than us and answers in response to the question about the retail center on Rosecrans: "The Whole Foods Market website lists a 50,000 sq. ft. Whole Foods Market under "stores in development" as opening at Sepulveda and Rosecrans, date to be announced." The center, to be known as Plaza El Segundo, will supposedly also feature (info may be out of date) a Best Buy, Linens N' Things and Borders. This was per our Linkage - Item 2.

3) Hollywood: A reader emails in his fanciful wish about the castle thing in Hollywood, describing it thusly: "...the old bank building where jed clampett kept his money. In an alternate universe, Hollywood secession was passed by the voters, and Angelyne became mayor. The regal 1930s era Hollywood landmark bank building became the mayoral palace. The Powerhouse became the most important bar in Hollywood. "

4) Atwater Village: Nobody answers about the restaurant going in at the corner of Glenfeliz and Los Feliz near the Los Feliz/Atwater Village boundary. However, another reader in Atwater Village emails in this: "This morning -- Tuesday, 2/21 at 3am specifically -- we lost power in Atwater Village for a few seconds. The power came back on almost immediately, but what followed was two large noises that sounded very much like explosions." Hmm... restaurants and explosions - sounds like Atwater Village may be the next Fairfax.

5) Santa Monica: No responses to the question about the old Zucky's site.