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Curbed LA: Opening Our Mailbag

We checked our mailbag again to see what's come in since the last time we checked. Hmmm... lots of requests from PayPal to update our account, a few emails from our Nigerian friends wishing to make a deposit in our bank account, and some actual reader emails. Great!

Subject: back to Ross Dress for Less...
Following up on their previous R&B question, a reader writes in after finally getting an answer. "Well, I can't believe it. After you posting my query 'what's moving into Ross?" (across from The Grove) my friend, the other day volunteers, (unsolicited by me), "Hey, Ross Dress For Less is moving out and that Palazzo next door is taking over that corner."

Wow. So, the people who don't rent the Palazzo apartments facing the dumpy parking lot of Ross ...will now NOT rent the Palazzo apartments facing the dumpy parking lot of Big K. same problem, just 100 feet farther west." Cool, glad to see that question answered.

Subject: Mar Vista?
A simple one word request from a Mar Vistan. "C'mon!" Yeah, we promised we'd check the neighborhood out and report back. We will, soon... really.

Subject: manhattan beach goes underground
Following up on our post earlier this month on the undergrounding of utilities in Manhattan Beach, a reader emails in: "typical of the misleading pro-propaganda. (In reference to the picture below -ed.) Notice 2 street lights - those would remain. Edison knows thier transformers and wires are underspec when homes are remodeled from 100amp to 200amp service panels, Verizion wishes to replace thier copper phone lines (a full circuit tied up when one is using dialup) with miltiplexed fiberoptic - to which they reserved 80% of capacity for a new tv service. Cable co's likewise would like to see ALL properties foot thier bill rather than the old "regulated" utility era where infrastructure improvements had to be financed with rate increases - instead $190/mo for 30 years is being assessed. No longer is finance by usage (proportional to power consumed, if one is a cable subscriber, or if one opts for dsl or even still has a land line phone, instead all are forced under penalty of property lien and forclosure, to subsidize utility upgrades and other peoples "ocean view". Also missing from the photograph is the "refrigerator" size phone patch box blocking the sidewalks which will replace the old system." Somebody should really do something about this.

more mailbag fun later on...