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Overpriced Living #001

Sometimes we pretend that we have an unlimited budget for our housing, so we’ll scan Craigslist for the most expensive rental property of the week. This week we had a tie at $9500 per month. The first property is a beachfront home in Malibu (below). The description, complete with random Capitalizations and improper grammar, says it is “Truly Amazing.”

The second property is a Beverly Hills “gated home” great for “families or embassy personnel” (below). The description notes that it has a “nice yard.”

We think the choice is pretty clear where we’d rather live. Certainly living behind some tacky iron gates in a neighborhood just barely in Beverly Hills is the equivalent of having a beachfront house.
· 2br - 2 1/2 Bath Luxury Beach Home with Office/Den and 4 Sun Decks [Craigslist]
· 4br - Beautiful Beverly Hills Gated Home [Craigslist]