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Rumblings and Bumblings: Remembering Zucky's

Thanks for the questions again this week. You're driving our traffic stats up! up! up! Please offer your knowledge to your friends who have some questions below. We think we might have answered some of these questions in past articles on this site (we're looking at you Manhattan Beach) so feel free to browse our archives for answers. Or email your info or more questions to

1) Mid-Wilshire: More undeveloped land in Mid-Wilshire. "Does anyone know what is ever going to be done to the north east corner of Olympic and La Cienega. The triangle shapped piece of land has been a hole in the ground for years?"

2) Manhattan Beach: Google knows nothing. "I'm writing to find out what you know about what is going up on the corner of Rosecrans & Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach/ El Segundo. All my Googling has only resulted in a lot of articles about the issues around traffic congestion. I get the sense some kind of retail plaza is going up with rumors of a Whole Foods and Borders coming, but I'd love to know what you guys can find out."

3) Hollywood: Isn't this a church. Shows what we know. "Does anyone have any clue what the castle-like tower at the northeast corner of Hollywood and Highland has in its future? It's a nice building, currently rotting from neglect. I read they are running out of office space in Hollywood - seems like a no-brainer to me?"

4) Atwater Village: Atwater Village question numero dos. "Do you know what restaurant is going in at the corner of Glenfeliz and Los Feliz near the Los Feliz/Atwater Village boundary? You know, right near the 9 hole."

5) Santa Monica: Here's a question for foodies in the development community. "What's going to happen with the old Zucky's Deli in Santa Monica on Wilshire and 5th? It's been empty for what feels like 10 years and I recently saw some construction workers going in and out?"