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Tuesday Mid-Morning Linkage

The theme of being left behind is becoming more prevalent in the Orange County housing market than in a Kirk Cameron movie. Ha! That makes us, and only us laugh. The OC Metro reports on what the kids in the OC can get for a median priced home nowadays. For your information, the median home price is $617,000. For your additional information, the homes aren't as bad as we would have guessed.
· What Does $600,000 Buy? [OC Metro]

Famima!! gets some print attention in the Los Angeles Times over the weekend. As you may recall, Curbed LA loves Famima!! and has been espousing its benefits since our very beginning - here and here. From the Times we learn that Famima!! plans to open stores in Torrance, Old Pasadena and Downtown LA, with more stores - at least 30 - planned for the LA market by the end of the year.
· Japan's FamilyMart Takes the Convenience Store Upscale [LA Times]

We were in the middle of prepping Rumblings & Bumblings last night when the lights went out. Instantly we thought "terrorists." Because anytime anything goes wrong that's what we think. Fuck us! But it wasn't terrorists after all. It was just DWP. has the story - various parts of Hollywood were affected by the hour long blackout triggered by a false alarm in a "power distributing center."
· The Darkside of the Hollywood Hills []

File this under "Sucks to be them." Commuters on the 10-mile long 91 Express Lanes tollway in Orange County will have to pay a bit more to get from point A to point B. For some peak hours, the toll to drive on the Express Lanes will go up to $8.50. Transportation officials hope the increased toll will discourage some people from using the faster route which has seen the number of users increase over the past few years.
· 91 Express Lanes tolls go up Monday [OC Register]