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Planning to Get It On

A month or so ago we posted about a request on Craigslist for urban planners to offer sex advice. Well, advise some of you did. Archinect's weekly emailer links us up to a article from Jan 18th:

How can becoming an urban planner help me get laid?
Urban planning opens the door to the exciting male-dominated world of architects, builders and engineers. Merge those parcels. And for men, saying you're an urban planner is at least cooler than being an accountant.

My girlfriend and I want to have a foursome with this couple we're friends with. How do we approach them?
Invite them over for an innocent evening of hot-tubbing and alcohol consumption. Then break out the Twister.

How can I get an urban planner to go home with me?
Talk shit about Wal-Mart, brag about your frequent public-transport ridership and drop phrases like "spatial morphology."

How can I delay my orgasm, besides going slow and taking breaks?
Recite the twenty-one principles of New Urbanism in your head over and over again.

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