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Curbed LA Goes to the Packard Lofts

We made it Downtown last night for the opening of the Packard Lofts at the corner of Olympic and Hope. We went stag this time, which only meant more wine for us. As usual we first found the wine and food tables before making our trek upstairs to see the units. Councilwoman Jan Perry made her obligatory appearance although we can't remember if she actually spoke. We really need to stop the wine. The units were nice, although we heard the word "small" from a lot of the people coming and going. Units either feature polished concrete floors or hardwood. The penthouse units were nice, or at least the one we saw, with two levels and great views of adjacent South Park buildings. The leasing agent let us know that pricing was still fluid at this point, but the penthouses would probably be between $5,600 to $6,000/month. Speaking of fluid, we had more wine while listening to a rousing speech by the developer - you had to be there. Then we left and passed out on our couch. But we did manage to take few shakey pics of the lofts while there (above).