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$5 Billion Commute to the Sea

The BFT links up to a Daily News story on the proposed extension of the Red Line subway to the sea. Let there be no doubt, something needs to be done to lessen the gridlock on our streets. However, the price tag to build the subway extension instantly makes people wince.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's dream of a "subway to the sea" would cost roughly $4.8 billion - more than it took to build the Blue, Gold, Green and Orange lines combined - according to a report being released today to the MTA.

Even if funds were available, it would take 10 years to open just the first three-mile leg of a 13-mile Metro Red Line extension under Wilshire Boulevard. Building the rest would take another decade.

Other proposed projects including extension of the Orange Line and the new Exposition Line would get pushed aside to fund the underground route to the sea. Let's face it, we'll all be dead before the Red Line reaches the sea. Let's just take the Exposition Line to Culver City and declare victory. Close enough.
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