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More Boutique Hotels Please

Run-of-the-mill hotel chains appear to be going the way of the dinosaur in L.A., and “boutique” seems to be the roadside motel of the 2000’s. The latest victim in the chain-to-trend transformation is the Westwood Doubletree. According to HotelChatter, the Kimpton Hotels Group announced that they will excise the gold lamay duvets (how sad) and replace them with white ones, all in the name of opening L.A.’s next boutique hotel, called the Hotel Palomar – L.A. This new boutique hotel is the second property on the Westside to undergo such a transformation (the first being the Hotel Angeleno). We can rest soundly, however, knowing that these new boutique hotels, too, are part of a huge hotel conglomerate, so we can still get that wonderful corporate hotel bureaucracy that we feared we might lose with the passing of the Doubletree.
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