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Gehry Loves Gretzky

We've been searching high and low for a realestate/architecture/urban planning themed story that ties into today's Valentines Day holiday. And this tale of chivalry and love comes from Canada, where starchitect and Los Angeles resident Frank Gehry has come to the defense of his friend, and gambling canuck, Wayne Gretzky - "The Great One" to the uninformed.

"He's getting beat up by the press right now," Gehry said of the former hockey superstar who has been besieged with media questions about an NHL gambling scandal. "The guy is one of the straightest arrows in history. I guarantee he did nothing wrong."... Gehry, who grew up in Toronto and now lives in Los Angeles, is a rabid hockey fan and longtime friend of Gretzky's. He sported a hockey-style Roots bomber jacket Tuesday at a news conference, saying he did so "in solidarity" with The Great One.

Among your admirers, Mr. Gehry, you are The Great One in all of our hearts.
· Renowned architect Frank Gehry voices support for The Great One [Canadian Press via]