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Happiness is Orange

We thought it could never happen in L.A., but it has. No, it’s not the decline of the low-carb diet or cars we can’t afford. Instead, some people prefer public transportation to driving, and it’s not because they don’t have cars. The Orange Line is full of surprises and, apparently, happy riders, reports the Daily News. And we thought it would just be the butt of crash jokes. Indeed, riders like what they’re getting:

Nearly 20 percent of the passengers on the 3-month-old Orange Line are new to public transit and the vast majority have a faster commute than they previously did in a car or bus, says the MTA's first survey of busway riders. Do we smell the beginnings of a widespread public transport trend in L.A.? Well, maybe not in our youth, but we did get man on the moon eventually.
·Busway Proving Fruitful [Daily News]