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Carport No More

We are happy that we don’t live in Torrance. It’s not because we don’t love Torrance; it’s because we would no longer be allowed to have our makeshift carport in our driveway under which we park our Camero. The Torrance City Council, for some reason, thought that tarps hanging over someone’s driveway were unsightly and voted to ban them. This move, however, has sparked the ire of RV supporters who find these eyesores canopies to have important functions, and the debate may continue. This move prompted a downward spiral from the City Council, who went wild in passing two additional code changes:

One specifically bars obstructions such as portable basketball hoops and construction equipment from blocking public streets and sidewalks; the other states that it's the duty of property owners to mow and maintain the public parkways that abut their homes and businesses. This is madness!
· Canopies Used as Carports? No More [Daily Breeze]