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Zillowing Our Days Away

Call us a data nerd if you will, but holy holy we've become addicted to Zillow. And we're not alone. From the Infectious Greed Blog:

Omilord, Zillow is data porn for middle-aged people -- which probably explains why it's timing out like crazy. This is the richest data-centric interface I've ever seen, with everywhere you turn in the app there being more info -- look there's previous sales! and one-year value trend! and neighbors' estimated home values! and -- and I've hardly gone below the surface. We've been looking around our Bronson Canyon hood (BeHo adjacent) to scout out some deals. The only luck we had was the above (screen cap) 2bd, single-family home on a 5,230 sq. ft. lot for $670,491. A rare find in the 90068 area. Only 14% of homes in the Zip Code are less expensive. And neighboring properties are a million or more.
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