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Goodbye Kitty

Reports are streaming in from local media about the imminent closure of the Frisky Kitty nudey bar in Tarzana. Looks like more high paying jobs leaving the Valley. Will it ever end? The City ordered the closure of the Kitty because of an ordinance forbidding adult businesses within 500 feet of residential zones. Z Bone's Strip Club Connection tells of the friendly atmosphere at the Kitty that will surely leave this Tarzana neighborhood looking for a new gathering place for friends to get together for a drink and lap dance.

Although, because this is a small club, there are not tons of dancers working, all the dancers working were attractive and with good attitudes. I noticed a lot of regulars sitting with their favorite dancers and chatting away. The manager told me that they have a lot of regulars and return customers. After chatting with a few of the dancers, it seems that many are very happy with their situation at the club and are treated very well by management. So although the club seems to be a little slow, this is good for customers who like to chat with friendly dancers.

See, just friends chatting away. The City Attorney expects the club to be closed in three weeks.
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