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Fighting the Good Fight

Watch your back. Sleep with one eye open. Barricade your tract home. Suburbia has never been so dangerous. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, graffiti is the apocalypse in San Fernando. The San Fernando Valley Sun reports that the city of San Fernando is waging a full-scale war against those terrorists graffiti-ists who are devastating the residents’ pastoral existence.

Graffiti is everywhere, perhaps you've seen the modified Wonder Bread Trucks parked on Workman and Celis, it looks like the Wonder Boys have given up and now just deliver graffiti bread. Graffiti is across town and close to home, there, in the City Yard, sits an industrial sized blue dumpster from Crown Disposal Company. The dumpster sits only paces from Braden's office and Liles parking space. All four corners are marked with graffiti. "Grafitto!"Let's just pray that our heroes in this story, the Graffiti Warriors, can emerge victorious.
· City of San Fernando Fights Against Graffiti
[San Fernando Valley Sun]