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Pricechopping Correction: Correcting the Correction

So we've received a little more information on that pesky Thorgusen residence we've been following all week. Hopefully this settles it: the place was sold. Its off the market. Done. Fini. From one of commenters/agents:

A few corrections: Crosby Doe is at Mossler & Doe, Inc., a fact I would think you'd have highlighted in your rolodex. deasy/penner was gracious enough to correct your snafu regarding the house, but didn't have the skinny: this house sold. The convoluted story thereof is not something I can share here, but I can tell you it did, regardless of the status in the MLS (whence deasy/penner gave you their info). As for the house, it reveals nothing about the market in general--a customer of mine who asked to see it and had considered it when it was available with Crosby before, upon entering gasped and said "Oh my god! They ruined it!" which is, in fact, pretty universally agreed upon. Moral: if you buy a property with a design premium, be very careful what you do with it.
P.S. -- deasy/penner puts other agents' listings on their website from time to time; this is legal, but controversial and apt to create the kind of confusion that occurred here.

Any info on the sale? Throw it our way.