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CurbedWire: Who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? Don't you know I'm loco?

Curbed co-editor Josh has gone, as the Brits and Madonna like to say, on holiday. But before he left us with this gaping hole in our hearts and his baby blog to take care of, he forwarded on a couple links he needs you to see.

Gangbanging: GayOrbit provides us with a useful map of LA gang territory. So if you're looking to avoid the Westside Wilmas (they couldn't have chosen a...butchier name?) and the many splintered cells of the Crips, this map might come in handy.

Uprooting: LA didn't just lose the Ambassador Hotel and the Cocoanut Grove. Even the trees are getting the shaft. One reader writes in to let us know: "The city is going to remove all the trees on the sidewalks alongside where the Ambassador used to be. There are signs on all of them." And as the LAUSD sayeth unto you "Not even the trees shall be spared."

Flipping: Our big sister Curbed NY has made their list and checked it twice: this year everyone gets a Flip book. As The Big Picture points out "more Flipper books have been published over the one year period ending March 2007 than we could find over the previous 20 years combined." Now you, too, can be a real estate expert with just a quick skim through Flipping Houses for Dummies.