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Pricechopping: Thorgusen Sits Unsold and Lonely

You just keep sending us these little tidbits of gossip, we'll just keep publishing them. Today, we update you on a property we've covered before:

The Thorgusen residence continues to languish unsold. We covered it as a pedigreed pricechopper back in September, and still no buyers. Now one of our property gurus lets us know of some behind-the-scnenes broker shuffling:

After originally listing this house at $2.4 million through Jonah Wilson, and dropping to $2.4, the house was handed to Crosby Doe (who sold it to the current owner a couple years ago for $1.4 million and change), who took the house from $1.8 million, down to $1.6 million. Still no sale. The listing has now apparently been handed to Crosby’s ex-partners and competition for leading architectural boutique status Deasey + Penner who have dropped the price another $100,000 to $1,495,000. A break-even, at best, for the seller.

The house sits in the shadow of the “Thorgusen Juicy built” also on the market, but at over $4 million