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Rumblings & Bumblings: Storage and Stalkers

[Image by flickr user Donna Grayson]

While co-editor Josh spends his vacation at the Enchanted World Doll Museum, enhancing his already estimable collection of porcelain Shirley Temple figurines, he leaves us to manage this Rumblings & Bumblings. This week: super storage and scary stalkers of plucky octegenarians. Have a question? Send it here.

1) Storage Facilities: We never even bothered to think past the giant Apple ads on the Highand storage building, but other people are more inquisitive than us. "Its like cosmic forces guided me to your site. This very morning I was marveling at the Public Storage structure near the corner of Beverly and Virgil wondering how I could find out why these mundane structures (I've seen others like it around LA, one on SM and Highland too) were built to be so ornate and gothic and ENORMOUS. Lo and behold, a link about Lance Bass' ex-boyfriend led me to you. A search of your site produced nothing but maybe you know something about the history of these odd structures?"

2) Bel-Air: Another reader cuts to the chase: "Do you know where Sumner Redstone lives in Bel Air?" Is she hoping the 83-year-old's estate will come on the market soon? Does she know something we don't know?

Answers posted officially on Thursday.