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CurbedWire: Posh, Condos and Fires. Oh My!

While co-editor Josh basks in the glow of mid-century modernism and free mojitos in Palm Springs, we toil tirelessly to bring you the latest in Posh and Beck's househunting, condo conversions downtown, and yes, that pesky wildfire.

Posh: New BFF's TomKat have convinced Posh and Beck's to seek greener pastures in LA. The Daily Mail reports Posh turns her already suspiciously upturned nose, well, up at view of the valley, but adores a house just down the street from Mr. and Mrs. Cruise. Could they have been following our house hunting guide?

Downtown Condos: The Rodney Dangerfield of high-rises downtown, 1100 Wilshire, may finally get a little respect. Now 20 years old and never-occupied, developers Forest City have been granted an occupancy permit for the office building and have set about converting it to condos. As the LA Downtown News reports "the residences range from 700-square-foot studios to 3,400-square-foot penthouses with multiple levels. Approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space awaits on the street level. According to Forest City, nearly 75% of the units are sold, at prices from $400,000 to more than $3 million. Ratner said a handful of people have already moved in." Godspeed.

Fires: Our friends at NBC4 wnat to remind us they're running a live feed of the wildfires today. Now you, too, can watch the rampant destruction from the comfort of your office!