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Dwell on Design: Sunday Morning

Sunday morning in Palm Springs meant only one thing - a trip to the desert to look at homes. We hopped on a bus for a quick tour around the Coachella Valley before we had to come back to LA. The tour took us to some old mid-century moderns and some new mid-century moderns. The blended indoor/outdoor spaces and clean lines connected the homes to the mid-mod aesthetic, or at least that's what somebody told us. We were busy nursing a hangover and chewing on stale croissants. Among the homes on the tour was the 1962 Wexler Steel home, presently on sale for $649,000. We learned the home had recently undergone a price chop from $750,000. More pics of the homes we saw today after the jump. Thanks again to Dwell for having us tag along on this event. It was pretty cool to meet so many people who were enthusiastic about mid-century modern architecture and design and we hope to do this again soon.