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Curbed LA End of Year Awards: I

Our End o' Year Awards are broken into multiple pieces and categories. We give you Real Estate awards now, with Architecture, Urban Planning, and Curbed Stuff coming soonish. Thank you for continuing to read our blog.


The Elaine Young Memorial Broker Boys & Babes Awards
WINNERS: In an amazing battle of realtor beauty over one week last summer, a field of five men and five women were widdled down to the two undisputed winners of the Broker Boys & Babes contest. Phil Drewry and Elizabeth Masterman, thank you for your unflinching beauty in the face of ugly competition.

Most Interesting Residential Project of the Year
WINNER:1100 Wilshire. The last few years of development downtown have been all about adaptive reuse. Therefore, we choose 1100 Wilshire, the good feng-shui building and one of the most visible adaptive reuse projects in the city, as the winner of this category. Following complaints about square footage measurements, shoddy workmanship, and that crazy ass parking garage, then a lawsuit, and now finally occupancy, we're happy to see this unusual building get a second life.

Most Interesting Commercial Project of the Year
WINNER: Hollywood & Vine. This one was a toughy. We had LA Live and Grand Avenue to consider as well, but neither of those projects involved a battle with a luggage store, a W Hotel, and an adjacent project with a Whole Foods. The block between Hollywood and Selma should be jumping in due time, and we can't wait.

Most Mixed Up Use of Mixed Use of the Year
WINNER: 5600 Wilshire. Maybe it was our lack of familiarity with the Miracle Mile neighborhood that caused the confusion, but after a dozen or so Rumblings & Bumblings questions, numerous irate emails telling us to get our dirt lots straight, and finally sweet, sweet renderings, we now can say for a fact that "The Pit" at Wilshire and Ridgeley will be developed as a mixed-use project by BRE. Sorry for the confusion.

More awards soon!