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Curbed LA End of Year Awards: II

Our End o' Year Awards are broken into multiple pieces and categories. We give you Architecture awards now, with Urban Planning and Curbed Stuff coming soonish. Real estate has been posted. Thank you for continuing to read our blog.


Most Horrendous McMansion of the Year
WINNER: We go back to February 2006 to McMansion Envy #011 at 9649 Paso Robles in Northridge. The 2004-built, 5 bed/4 bath stucco and wood home sadly remains on the market today, having suffered a $170,000 price chop. More photos on ZipRealty.

Most Talked About Rendering of The Year Award
WINNER: The Olympic and City House. We shudder at the thought of the nipple towers gracing our skyline. Everywhere we go with our Curbed t-shirt on, people spit on us and then ask us what is up with those crazy ass towers.

The Honorary Dubai Award for "WTF Is That" Architecture
WINNER: LA HS#9 by Coop Himmelb(l)au (below). It's no secret we're big fans of this building. It's a strong architectural statement that along with the Caltrans Building and Disney Hall reminds us why we love architecture. Even your visiting square-stater cousin will be impressed. And its a school!

The Lorcan O'Herlihy Archistud Award for Archistuddery
WINNER: Roger Sherman. The LOH Archistud Award for Archistuddery is awarded to the most bombastic, or is that bomb-tastic, architect of the year. So why Roger Sherman? The man had the moxie to interrupt our conversation with Chris Hawthorne about Curbed to say "Are you guys talking about Curbed? It's not as good as the New York version." Only to have Chris Hawthorne point at us and say, "Yeah. He writes for it." Ha,ha.

Worst Garagemahal
WINNER: Home on Doheny, above Sunset. Beverly Grove. As far as we're concerned, there was no competition for the winner of the "worst garagemahal". The home which once sported a beautiful green lawn among some hillside mansions somehow received approval for a multi-level parking garage in its front yard. Que setbacks? We promise to make a pilgrimage to the garagemahal again, soon.

More awards soon!