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Curbed LA End of Year Awards: III

Our End o' Year Awards are broken into multiple pieces and categories. We give you Curbed Stuff awards now, with Urban Planning coming soonish. It's taking much longer than we expected. Architecture and Real Estate have been posted below. Thank you for continuing to read our blog.


Most Outstanding (as in unanswered) R&B Question of the Year:
WINNER: What's going on with the Sunset Millenium? We've tried to get information for the many questioners asking about the status of this project but have nothing more to give.We were even asked about this project while enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. We don't know anything and nobody will help us. Yeah, we should have asked the Mayor of WeHo when we had the chance. Now we're crying. [unupdated Official Site]

Commenter of the Year
WINNER: Not an easy choice. Do you go with old faithful "Pete", third person typist "Skwerl", freeperific "patty cake", downtown defender "D", Pete tormentor "Robert Coté", affable "don hosek", "mikey", "Amanda", "John LAX", "Miss Teresa", "HH Resident","Scott Mercer"... We'll decide later and let you know.

Most Bizarre/Entertaining Comment of the Year
WINNER: Commenter "Perhaps" from our post "More on KOR Sunset Silver Lake". "Perhaps" commented with a simple linkage to a Wikipedia article that identified Kelly (Gallagher) Wearstler's past as a former Playboy Playmate and her unusual "style". We still talk about this and shake our heads.

Curbed Post: Most Commented
WINNER: A tie! With 58 comments each, "Reichen's Relationship Ends, Goes Back to Work" and "Braving Scientology for the Love of Architecture", both written by co-editor Marissa who secretly wishes Lance Bass would become a Scientologist and sweep her off her feet.

Curbed Post: Most Hated
WINNER: "Jesus Likes Good Reception Too". Like Kelly Ripa at a gathering of Claymates, Cary found himself in hostile territory when he poked nonsensical fun at opponents of a proposed cell tower located next to a cross in Pasadena. The Jesus loving NIMBYs had nothing but awesome hate to dish out. Good stuff.

Curbed Post: Most Popular
WINNER: "Reichen's Relationship Ends, Goes Back to Work", thanks to an assist by Perez Hilton this became our most viewed post of the year, and probably for the rest of our existence, and resulted in mini-insanity. If Reichen ever gets that realtor's license thing straightened out, he may turn up in the next Broker Boys & Babes challenge - coming Summer 2007.

More awards soon!