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Sheldon Fox of KPF, 76

Well not a household name here, Sheldon Fox of Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects passed away recently. KPF, as you might be unaware, is responsible for designing the groovy glass boxy Bloomingdale's in Westfield Century City. The building as described by the KPF web site:

Intersecting spandrel beams clad in metal differentiate the storefront level from the gridded box above. This box, a highly ordered elevated mass, has been repainted a brilliant white and presents a neutral framework to the composition of luminous glass planes. Colored lenses within these illuminated planes will be rotated in response to seasonal events. In contrast to the low rise maze of boutiques surrounding it, the Bloomingdale's is a nice departure we can thank Mr. Fox and KPF for.
· Sheldon Fox, Co-Founding Member of KPF, Dies at 76 [The Architects Newspaper via Archinect]
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