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LAPD HQ Gets Underway. Let's Drink.

The web site has been keeping track of the rumblings of dirt movers and concrete mixers below its window at the Higgins Lofts, at the site of the super fantastic new LAPD HQ (now, with 30% less police brutality!). We're looking forward to seeing the dirt pit across from City Hall get built up even though a civic park would have been nice. In honor of the construction, and the involvement of builder Tutor-Saliba, we're starting a drinking game. That's right, a drinking game. The rules are simple. Pay attention.

1. For every "delay" announced by Tutor Saliba, you take a drink.
2. For every "cost overrun" announced by Tutor Saliba, you take two drinks.
3. For every article in the Daily News or LA Times about "shoddy work" by Tutor Saliba, you take a drink. (May constitute more than one drink).
4. For every lawsuit generated by "delay", "cost overrun" or "shoddy work" by Tutor Saliba, you take two shots of whiskey with a vodka chaser.
5. For every investigation launched by the City into work done by Tutor Saliba on the LAPD HQ, add another shot of whiskey to #4 and proceed.
6. If Laura Chick threatens an audit, follow #4 but substitute Jager for the vodka.
7. If a council person demands an investigation of Tutor Saliba, you take the number of shots equal to the council person's district number (ergo, for Ed Reyes you would take 1 shot. For Janice Hahn, you would take 15).
8. For every indictment resulting from said construction, you polish off your favorite bottle of California wine. Just you.

9. IF nothing happens, we'll all benefit from a healthier liver and a shiny new police headquarters. The game begins today.
· Panel to oversee police project [LA Times]
· Tutor time: Well-connected firm fleeces public, again [Daily News]
· LA company must pay penalties for overbilling on subway work [SJ Mercury]
· Airport builder to pay the city $19 million. Tutor-Saliba settles suit alleging terminal overcharge [SF Chronicle]