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Leeza Gibbons' House of Scuttlebutt

Excellent. The Real Estalker does the stalking and then reports to you. Today, Your Mama (don't ask) links up to the former estate of Leeza Gibbons. (Did you know she has a star on the Walk of Fame? We had to try to explain that to an out of town guest once. - ed). The eight bed, 6.5 bath estate is situated on some lovely green acreage in the middle of West Hollywood. Seriously? An acre. Wow. As Your Mama reports:

Anyhoo, this estate, located just north of Hollywood Boulevard, is one of Hollywoods grande dames. According to the listing agent at Sotheby's in Beverly Hills, this property comes with a pedigree as it was once owned by wire-hanger-hating Joan Crawford. More recently it has been owned and lovingly restored by ex-talking head Leeza Gibbons and her architect/actor/artist/Parabounce inventor husband Stephen Meadows.

The Real Estalker also has some floor plans. Now that's stalking at it's finest. Retail Price: $7,995,000.
· The House Gossip Bought, West Coast Style [the Real Estalker]