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Dude, Just Give Us the Olympics Already

We're done asking nicely, world. The 2016 Olympiad belongs to us, so just hand it over. Blah, blah. Yeah, we know you like to diversify, and maybe it would be nice to see Brazil or South Africa get a shot at the games, but LA is ready now. We're already the Capital of the Third World, Gateway to the Pacific Rim, and driving distance to Vegas, what else needs to be said? Oh yeah, we got the facilities too. Via the Daily News:

"In many respects, Los Angeles is a city built for the Olympics," said Barry Sanders, an attorney with a penchant for bow ties and colorful socks who is orchestrating the initial Olympic bid. "We have world-class facilities here already that are in public use. Nothing has to be built specially for the Olympics."

Among LA's many benefits, include structures ready for use, including Staples Center, the newly completed Galen Center, and of course the Coliseum which has hosted the games of 1932 and 1984. Olympic proponents will present the LA proposal to the Olympic Committee January 22nd.
· Southland coalition aims to bring 2016 Olympics to L.A. [LA Daily News]