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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Merry Christmas

We end another year of Rumblings & Bumblings with shout-outs to all of you readers who have asked and answered over the past year. We appreciate you sticking by us as we revealed our ignorance about the City we live in. For January, please email your questions to us at We'll also take updates on past q's if you got any.

(image via Bob McMillan, Pacific Electric Subway Tunnel Tour)

1) Los Angeles: What ever became of the subway tunnel(s) under LA? From the comments, everyone seems to agree the tunnels are mostly destroyed or blocked off thanks to building foundations. Huell Howser explored an old tunnel. And a commenter links up to an old tunnel map. An emailer also sends us this link with info on the Belmont Art Park. To answer the question if the tunnels can ever be reused, the answer would be no.

2) Downtown: Money problems at MOCA? Ding, ding, ding! Commenter Tim Quinn says"...MOCA's financial problems are no secret. They reduced their staff and eliminated most shows at The Geffen until the funding situation improves. Maybe the Getty should consider a yearly GRANT to MOCA. The new bosses there seem darned reasonable, and appreciate contemporary art."

3) Hollywood: No firm answers from the peanut gallery about the lack of holiday lighting in Hollywood. Perhaps the lights on Hollywood Boulevard have been scaled back to conserve energy. Perhaps they were stolen. Perhaps, perhaps. Sorry.