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CurbedWire: Staples Unsafe!

Retail: In our first confirmed Tesco storefronting effort, a reader sends in the above eyewitness evidence of the abandoned Albertson's in Glassell Park. Says the Tescoan: "The big news however, is that Tesco doesn't want to use the whole site for their store and wants to share the space with a restaurant. This has got the GPIA concerned about what could be going in there with it." Excellent!

Parking: Following's parking mash-up launch, we seem to have more parking related news you can use. From an emailer: "Just saw a flyer that permit street parking is a possibility in Los Feliz Village." This of course presents a problem since the off-street parking space in Los Feliz is few and far between.

Safety: NBC4 broke a frightening story last night about the lack of fire safety at Staples Center. Apparently, back in 2000 B&S and the Mayor's Office greased the wheels to allow Staples to open in time for the start of the NBA and NHL seasons. The report posits a series of what-ifs and finds death around every corner. Smokey, firey death in the mold of The Towering Inferno with Robert Wagner falling out of a window in a ball of fire.