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Check Cashing Gives Altadenans the Heebie Jeebies

(picture via flickr use Orin Optiglot)

The demise of another Southern California burg is nigh with the proposed entry of a check cashing business into Altadena. The Star-News reports that one neighborhood in the foothills community is concerned about what a check-cashing business could mean for their livelihood. Namely the arrival of gun-wielding and stab-happy check-cashers with a penchant for drinking.

Shortly after the old buildings at the intersection's northeast corner were razed, word spread by e-mail that a check-cashing business would be among the merchants at the small mall under construction. The announcement prompted statements of concern about such a business' impact on the surrounding neighborhood, describing it as "the kiss of death to any quality we expect," a lure of crime and blight and a dangerous legacy to leave to the area's children.

The owners of the proposed development appear to be besieged with calls, and have reacted angrily to inquiries from the Altadena Town Council. However, residents say that there are enough check cashing places in Altadena already, and nary enough checks to be cashed.
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