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Dwell on Design: First Update

Hola! We made it to Palm Springs in a record four hours last night, hitting every traffic tangle imaginable, but we made it just in time to down a glass of wine and hop on the bus for the first event of the weekend - the dinner at the Desert House, built for and by Leo Marmol of Marmol Radziner. There were lots of stylish looking architect type people, and reporters. The big scandal of the night was that some people were taking 4 or 5 veggie skewers when they were only allowed one, forcing some vegans in attendance to gnaw on sagebrush for sustenance.

We talked to the guy behind the KitHaus which we blogged about earlier this year, and learned all about prefab, his thoughts on the LivingHomes project and his other company ModernOutdoor based in Van Nuys, which he described as the poor man's Marmol Radziner.

Today, is the actual conference schedule where we listen to speakers. We'll provide updates when time permits.
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