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Rumblings & Bumblings: Last One of 2006

As the year 2006 wraps up in a few weeks, we're left with the last R&B of the year. This should be simple enough as we have only three questions. We're not surprised though, as co-editor Marissa nearly killed the franchise with her lackadaisical handling of the answer portion of the program. Tsk, tsk. Please email your answers to us at Or if you have questions for when we restart R&B in January, now is a good time to contact us.

1) Los Angeles: Here's an interesting question for LA transit history buffs: "I'm reading the 1954 monorail proposal posted on and it mentions the previous subway lines in the City. I know that the remnants of the old rail terminal are still beneath the former terminal building - now the Metro 417 apartments, but what about the tunnels? Where did they go and what is the current state of them? There has got to be a good reason why they aren't being talked about as being reused but I haven't heard them. Anybody know???"

2) Downtown: Nothing is our forte, so no worries dear reader."Not sure this topic is exactly Curbed's forte, but what the hell is going on with MOCA? They finally have a show at the Grand Avenue site, but the Geffen Contemporary has been mostly vacant now for months. Instead, the previously underutilized adjunct space at the Pacific Design Center is all of a sudden getting attention. Given that the Geffen was remodeled so that it could display the permanent collection -- and now seems to be on some long term hiatus -- is MOCA hiding money problems and basically can't afford to mount two big shows simultaneously anymore? The Dec-Jan-Feb mailer they just sent out was noticeably threadbare."

3) Hollywood: Where have all the pretty lights gone?? "Last year saw a return to the splendor of arching displays spanning the Blvd. from Highland to Argyle. The year before saw a paltry few blocks from Highland to maybe Cherokee. This year? nada, nix, nothing but the wimpiest little sidelights I've ever seen along "Santa Claus Lane". How can it be on the 75th (!) anniversary of the parade that the traditional Hollywood Blvd. Christmas lights are nowhere to be seen? Where's "Smilin' Jack" Villaraigosa now that we need him?"

Answers on Thursday!