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Supermarket Roundabout: Tesco On the Move

(image via flickr user menina1984)

As we reported earlier this year, worldwide super-retailer Tesco has set its sights on Southern California, with rumors of site selection swirling but unconfirmed. A reader emails in some additional info.

The news is that British-based Tesco food stores is planning to open 150 stores in the Southwest in 2007. Tesco is a big international operation, rivaling Wal-Mart. They have bought property in Riverside for a distribution center. Apparently they have different formats depending on the local market. The company is being very hush-hush about the locations of these future stores, many of which will be in So. California. Does anyone have any info about where Tesco has bought or leased property for one of these stores (or is planning to)? Don't you worry readers. We promise to follow this Tesco invasion with our usual excruciatingly obsessive style of reporting, so help us Famima!!
Update: After a quick Google search, we see that the LA Times reported a potential first location at a former Albertson's store in Glassell Park.
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