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Critique of McMansions Critiqued

Holy cow. After hitting our newsfeeds late Friday (via Archinect), this morning we finally managed to work our way through the dense and way-too-highbrow architectural critique of Persian Palaces (aka McMansions) by LA Times writer Greg Goldin. It basically rewrites, in a much smarter way, the same thinking that we've put pixel to screen for the last year. The oversized homes that fail to stick to one architectural style, overwhelming their neighbors, and hitting the passer by with a phalanx of columns, cornices, crown moldings, and any number of adornments that are intended to signify some level of wealth and importance, whether justified or not. Goldin finds some redemption in the mcmansion, which is admirable, as we find none. But we tend to think of mcmansions as comprising more than just a style of bad architecture. It also encompasses bad urban planning and bad streetscape design. Neighborhood and community are kicked to the curb in favor of self-aggrandizement. What you're humble editors are trying to say, is that mcmansions, Persian Palaces, whatever you call them, are the suck. Thank you.
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