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Biggest Price Losers #008

With the news that the median house price in L.A. County has risen despite slow volume, we found ourselves wondering whether sellers were getting the last laugh after all. It turns out that they’re still crying. Our check-in with seller panic has been on hiatus for a while, so we thought it high time to revisit some falling prices. In this special edition of Biggest Price Losers, we’re looking at houses in Santa Monica priced between $1 million and $2 million.

14106 Attilla Road
Days on Market: 147
Original List Price: $2,295,000
Sale Price: $1,999,000
Percent Reduction: 12.9%
Anywhere else, this would probably be a run-of-the mill house. It turns out to still be pretty average, except the sellers were poised to pillage any susceptible buyer.

2446 Euclid Street
Days on Market: 66
Original List Price: $2,149,000
Sale Price: $1,790,000
Percent Reduction: 16.7%
Where to begin? First of all, the owner mustn’t have received the memo that he does not live in the Hamptons no matter how much he tries to fantasize. Only 66 days and the price is already plummeting. Nervous much?

2820 2nd Street
Days on Market: 74
Original List Price: $1,950,000
Sale Price: $1,450,000
Percent Reduction: 25.6%
We know it’s all about location, but seller must have been out to sea when the realtor suggested the listing price… for, um, that. Is this what we imagine when we think of a $2 million dollar home not even on the beach? We didn’t think so, and neither did the seller when he awoke from his long nap.

All listings from Zip Realty.