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Great Park Balloon to Fly High

In our continuing efforts to follow a story nobody but us seems to care about - maybe it has something to do with our infatuation with big orange things - the OC Register reports that plans for the Great Park in the OC are moving along swimmingly. However, the park's signature icons, the tethered orange balloon rides, seems to have been whittled down to a single balloon. When did that happen? From the Register:

The tethered balloon will carry about 25 people 500 feet up, and it may be accompanied on the ground by a temporary visitors' center, showcasing the 1,347-acre park. The Great Park Corp. board Thursday recommended that the Irvine City Council approve the $4.6 million plans. Of that money, the Great Park Corp. will pay $2.6 million and the park developer, the Lennar Corp., will pay $2 million.

The balloon ride will be the first part of the park completed, along with a visitor's center designed by starchi-landscaperist Ken Smith (pictured). Work might begin in "early-2007" with completion of the balloon and center in "mid-2007".
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