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CurbedWire: Animals and Boobies

City Life: More animals in the city news. We're not surprised to see various forest animals roaming around near our home but sometimes they pop up in the middle of the city as one emailer types in: "On saturday morning I saw 2 coyotes in the middle of ........Park La Brea! could we be any further from the hills?

They are very far south this winter. Perhaps others have noted coyotes in odd places." Blame global warming!

City Life: Things in Southern California suck. We've got a report card with all D's and F's and an unsatisfactory rating for our refusal to sleep during nap time. SCAG's State of the Region report card finds that we live in a hell hole. But on the bright side, all that bond money we just approved should make things slightly better. And in economics we managed to get a B. [Daily Bulletin]

City Life: A reader sends us a Craigslist ad that signals the arrival of booby shakers in Pasadena. "...if you've been following the strip club controversy in Pasadena (taking over a former shakey's, next to MY cat hospital; neighborhood all up in arms), here's this on Craig'sList. Not sure if it's the same strip club, but if it is, looks like they're moving ahead."