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CurbedWire: Pork Buns and Noodles

(image via flickr user nobunaga_100)

Restaurants: From our inbox, a friendly noodle lover types in: "there is a big deal going on in West LA today [email received yesterday -ed.]. santouka is opening. that's a crazy popular ramen place. its the pinkberry of ramen. i dont know what any of this means but am passing on word." More on Santouka and its opening from Chowhound.

Retail: Another reader brims with pocky loving excitement: "Just wanted to give you a heads up, that Famima is posting a scheduled opening date of December 18th for their Glendale Brand Blvd store. I do not know the physical address. Do you have any additional info?" Why yes, by way of a post from the Atwater Village Newbie, with an assist from Franklin Avenue (aren't blogs great!?), the store is planned for 134 N. Brand Avenue.

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