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They Totally Need to Test This Here

One of our commenters recently told us they were tired of hearing about Mozza and H&M and they want more Whole Foods news. And we aim to please, although we're kind of reaching here, since its taking place in DALLAS. Doing nothing to battle its image as "Whole Paycheck," the upscale grocery retailer is now moving into spa services and personal shopping:

"You can book your grocery list with the concierge desk, and instead of spending an hour pushing a cart, you can spend your hour on a massage table upstairs," says Scott Simons, associate marketing director for the chain. The shopping service costs $20 an hour, but these personal shoppers are fast, Scott notes: "They know where every single item is." Its got to be only a matter of time before they bring this to LA, right? We already have a Whole Foods "Lifestyle" store in West Hollywood. And with close to a dozen new Whole Foods set to open in Los Angeles in the next year or so, surely a town rife with both Priuses everwhere AND a glut of lifestyle services (personal assistants! High-end dog spas!) a Whole Foods spa would certainly thrive here.
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