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Gift Ideas for Archinerds and Regifters

Via our efforts to assist you in your online holiday shopping, we've identified the following good buys sure to impress the recipients on your gift list. Throughout the holiday season, if we see something of value related to architecture, design, urbanity or Los Angeles we'll post about it.

Door Handles: Dezeen features some Frank Gehry designed door handles. Ahh, what a lovely place to put your hand when you leave or enter a room. It's like Disney Hall, only it's a shiny door handle, and it's in your hand!. Frank Gehry, what will you think of next?

Free Stuff: Nothing says "You're special to me" more than the gift of a regift. But the giftee doesn't have to know you got the swag for free, right? Therefore, may we suggest visiting Apartment Therapy regularly between now and December 22nd. The rich kids at AT are giving away bags of free stuff to readers and glommers on. Yesterday, someone won a ceramic watering pot. Today, someone can win stylish bedding from Inmod. Enter today!