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Mega Projects, Ho!

We know all of you have already read this morning's story in the LA Times about "mega-projects" reshaping the face of LA, so there's nothing really for us to say. But we will. The three projects highlighted tend to go up, rather than down so there's no mention of the Subway to the Sea or the Gold Line extension, or even the proposed capping of the Hollywood freeway with a park.

What we are seeing is a new model of development in LA that tends to combine housing, retail and office space in what the policy maker peeps like to refer to as "mixed use." Move that mixed-use near mass transit, and you have something those people called "transit oriented development (TOD)." It all makes for a more wonderful Los Angeles, highlighted by happy pedestrians, smog free skies, and lollipop trees. The key to this future of course will be finding a way to pry Angelenos from their cars. Anyone have any ideas? We're stumped.
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