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Gift Ideas for Archinerds and Planners

Via our efforts to assist you in your online holiday shopping, we've identified the following good buys sure to impress the recipients on your gift list. Throughout the holiday season, if we see something of value related to architecture, design, urbanity or Los Angeles we'll post about it.

T-Shirts: The online Archinect store has some excellent buys for the architecture enthusiast. And for those of you peeved by the interview with Ray Kappe, where he stated that urban planners are envious of architects, then you might want to snap up the limited edition "Architecture Sucks" t-shirt, on high-quality American Apparel stock. Or if you're a big fan of the DeathStar, you can buy a Team Mayne tee (thats Thom Mayne of Morphosis, fyi). Priced: $$ 25.00 + s/h.

Anti-Socialness: We really have no way to describe the Piilo as featured on MoCo Loco other than to say it makes a nice centerpiece for your livingroom, or maybe its a tent for camping? Or maybe if you have a hermit crab fetish, this will cure your ills. Whatever it is, it's priceless. Really, there's no price listed.
· Happy Cyber Monday [Curbed LA]