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Rumblings & Bumblings: Shoppers, Coppers, and The Gays

Even though co-editor Josh is back from his vacation, he's very busy this week catching up on all of his Tivo'd episodes of Knitty Gritty and and Barkitecture. So he asked us to post your questions again this week. And post we will. You had a lot of questions this week:

1) Beverly Center: A braver man than us has the balls to actually go to the mall during the holiday season. (Hello? Haven't you heard of the Internets?): "I have been to the Beverly Center twice over the last month and wasn't charged my standard $1. Is The Beverly Center dropping pay parking? Also when will Aampco and Beverly Hills start accepting a debit card to pay for parking, who carries checks or cash nowadays?"

2) Culver City/Palms: One reader scratches his head on rents in Culver City: Have a question about Victor on Venice. Do you or your readers know if people are actually renting the units? Website looks cool, but the rents!!???? Who spends that much money in Palms? You can get a two bedroom for the price of one of their studios and have money leftover.

3) West Hollywood: Going less gay? One reader fears the unthinkable: So the stretch of Santa Monica east of Fairfax seems to be coming back to life. Bar Lubitsch (the old Parlour Room) is nearing completion. And what was the deal with the open-and-then closing thing? The only difference is that the front entrance is now brick and features gulag-like steel bars and windows. Next door, there's another swanky exposed-wood renovation going on and much to my surprise, if you peer in the one-way mirror window of the creepy crack-den, I mean leather bar on SM, it's now an almost completed fancy bar, with lots of wood and chocolate paint. What are these projects? When can I drink there? And will they even remotely be gay?

4) Downtown: Do we smell a new contender for Our Favorite Anti-Development Sites?: "I just read an article in Los Angeles magazine about the new LAPD headquarters being planned for 1st and main Downtown. They had some useful backstory pertaining to the many architects, urban planners, and city officials who believed that this newly vacant piece of land should be a Civic Square, and the abrupt decision to drop LAPD there instead. Is this development going forward? Is there any way for the people of Los Angeles to stop it?

Drop your answers in the comments or email us. We'll post them on Thursday.