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BataliWatch 06: The Big Guy Stops in at Mozza

Frequent visitors to Mozza know that most days you'll see Nancy Silverton behind the bar, throwing pizzas in the oven, sprinkling sea salt, chatting with customers. But since the place opened, there have been no signs of our favorite red-headed, pony-tailed, clog-wearing italian chef. He's the epicurian equivalent of Sasquatch. But with Nancy in New York for her Today Show appearance, and Mario in town for his Jimmy Kimmel taping, we finally have confirmation that His Highness deigned to visit his humble little LA pizza joint. He's made it just under the wire before we had to rename BataliWatch 06. Looks like Mario will be personally inspecting your lardo and rosemary pizza until Thursday, so if you want to meet the man, then - oh, who are we kidding? If you don't have a reservation sometime in the next three days you're shit out of luck.

We are officially retiring BataliWatch. Now when is Gordon Ramsey's LA place supposed to open?
· Mozza -- Batali in DA HOUSE! [Chowhound]