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L.A. May be Tough Sell for 2016 Olympics

The dream of L.A. hosting the 2016 Olympics may prove to be nothing more than just a pipe dream, according to Alan Abrahamson of Abrahamson is in Kuwait City covering an IOC meeting, and he spoke with several IOC members. The biggest obstacle seems to be an anti-American sentiment (via

"I wonder if it's wise," one member said. "The mood in the world is anti-American. Your president is a catastrophe." Still another: "The problem with the United States is entry into the United States. It is such a problem. It's easier to get to the moon … everyone is looked at as a potential terrorist."

And even if the USOC decides to submit a bid for the 2016 Games, Chicago may have an advantage over Los Angeles (via members said Los Angeles might be suitable but made plain Southern California officials must come up with a compelling reason why the IOC ought to make a third trip to L.A. "I would not go back to the same city," said one. "Straightaway the reaction is: You've been there, why would you want to go back there? Let's go somewhere more interesting." Another echoed, "There's no doubt in my mind Los Angeles going again would be a negative."

Well, we can certainly think of a few compelling reasons why L.A. is the better choice. We have better weather, more interesting people, and a ready-made stadium. Has the IOC been to Chicago? We like Chicago, but the summer weather there isn’t exactly pleasurable. And flying there via O’Hare is always a nightmare (we can think of many harrowing tales of traveling through that airport). And, hey, most of the images that the rest of the world sees of the U.S. come from L.A. anyway, so why just not show them the real deal?
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