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Another New L.A. Real Estate Site

A reader asked us to take a look at a new L.A. real estate site and give him our opinion. Far be it from us to say no to expressing our opinion, so we went to and expected to see a glorified MLS. Though the site isn’t going to start any revolutions, we must say, dear reader, that we are rather impressed with what we saw. The site is a Zillow meets the Census. The site’s home page provides you with a color-coded city map that shows you average home price by square foot, which also happens to correspond with where the white and non-white people live. Though, as idiot savants, we are easily impressed with colorful maps. We think the best feature is the ability to click on any house on the bird’s eye map. LALife does not really provide information that you couldn’t find on your own, such as neighborhood, crime, and school data, but it does it with pretty graphs. You can manage to waste at least a few minutes tooling around on this site.

More screen captures after the jump.