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Gold Line to Montclair. Still Happening.

The San Bernardino Sun reports on the excitement building in the Inland Empire as the planned expansion of the Gold Line from Pasadena to Montclair is almost ready to start construction. Almost, except for a screwy computer model that's threatening to mis-project ridership. Somebody really needs to stop these computers.

Construction has been slightly delayed because of the Federal Transit Authority's request for recalibration of a computer model that helps project ridership and travel benefits, said Susan Hodor, public affairs director for the Metro Gold Line Foothill Expansion Construction Authority. Upon completion and acceptance of the new model, authorities will move closer to a decision and the potential for a full-funding grant agreement from the FTA.

"We are looking to have the Gold Line extended to Azusa in the years 2011 or 2012 and to Montclair about four years later," Hodor said.

In unrelated news, Peter Gordon's Blog notes the role that mass transit had in deciding the control of the Senate, and how things could have been so, so different if George Allen had only listened to the Greens.
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